Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A special card

Hello Friends,

EVERY single year for our birthday, Shelli Gardner (CEO and Co-Founder of Stampin' Up!) sends me a birthday card.  Not only am I a Demonstrator, but being an Employee has its perks too.

Look how cute this card is. I love it.  This will go with the rest of the cards I have received from Shelli, along with my Promotion Certificates.

Not only does Shelli make a cute card, she always puts a personalized message inside.

The last line reads - "I'm so glad there's you"
I have never ever worked for anyone else where an Employer has given me a handmade card (trying to think if I even received a store bought one) along with a personalized message - and a tear jerking one at that.  Shelli also gives us a Gift Card.  She truly appreciates us and I am so very grateful to her. 

Not only have I met the most wonderful people as a Demonstrator, but I work with the most wonderful people too.  I am truly grateful for the friendships that have been formed, and flourished due to Shelli Gardner.

FINAL day of Sale-A-Bration tomorrow.  Don't miss out.

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Have a wonderful day!


Brandy said...

Wow!!! Shelli is amazing and one day I hope to meet her and know her. Your post confirms my thoughts and feeling about her.

Your post was so touching Max. You are such an asset to Stampin' Up! and they are as lucky to have you as you are to have them. Stampin Up! changes lives everyday and it happens through people such as yourself.

Happy Birthday Friend!

Anonymous said...

Super cute, you are well deserving.

Hugs, M

Maxine Conrad said...

Thank you Brandy and Mary - you are two of my most special friends :)