Friday, March 4, 2011

Orders and Distribution Center

Hello Friends,

I received 3 of these boxes yesterday and have been busy making my cards for those of you who have ordered and are helping raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

This made me smile -

I had lots of fun today!  I prepped for a class I have tomorrow and then made 100 cards!! YES 100 :)

I LOVE working at Stampin' Up!  Sometimes, staring at a computer screen and sitting down most of the day reminds me of why I am overweight:)  Apart from my everyday running around doing errands and prepping for classes, I don't really have much time to exercise.  AND I can always think of many more exciting things to do :) 

Quite often I get the chance to go and work in the Distribution Center.  NOW this is a work out!!  I love it for several reasons - just getting away from my desk for a little while is good and the people who work in the DC are awesome.  Very friendly and doing this has allowed me to make even more friends with fellow employees. 
This is the packing station.  It was the second area I got to work in - the first was backorders :)  Here at the Packing station you have to scan the box, put in the packing slip and fill the box (shown here) with that great paper :) Finally you seal the box, then it is ready to go to the door :)  I really enjoyed made me smile when I sealed the box of one of my OWN orders.

BUT my favorite is the Pick Line -

Nury (one of my new wonderful friends) trained me on the pick line.  She tells me everytime she sees me that she loves my accent and just wants me to speak :)  She showed me what I needed to do on the Pick Line.  I can't get enough of being here!
It is a REAL work out. This past Monday, I was on the section where the BIG SHOT was being picked.  Boy did that give me the work out!  The next day I was on the section where I was picking Dazzlin' Diamonds and Two Way glue pens LOL!
If I was able to, I would love to go down to the DC for 1-2 hours everyday.  It has given me a much greater respect and admiration for my fellow employees who work in the DC everyday.  I love receiving my orders and I know the procedure much better now :)

Remember that 20% of all online orders placed during March will be donated to the MS Society!  Please help with this awesome cause.

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Have a wonderful day


Bada-Bing Creations said...

So cool Max! Thanks for the pics of the DC...I'd love to be able to see it in action...I always wonder how they know to put what in my box. And how cool that you got to seal your own box! Personally, I would have taken it and RAN, bwahahaha :-D

Maxine Conrad said...

Thanks Mindy! Oh it is such a lot of fun and I just LOVE the workout. It is amazing from beginning to end - the placing of an order - the picking/packing delivering and receiving the order :)