Monday, March 21, 2011

Demonstrator Event in Elmer NJ

Hello Friends,

I just had an absolutely fabulous weekend. I flew into Philadelphia for a Demonstrator Event put together by Kristin Kortonick and Claire Lawrence.  Kristin was a wonderful hostess.  I am Claire's SAM and have got to know Kristin through Stampin' Up! events.  They both put on an amazing event and I am sooooooooo happy I got to go and spend the weekend with them.  They had asked me to go there as a guest speaker.

I met their wonderful downline and a few of their customers.  Sunday morning was a real highlight for me - I got to sleep in, sit in bed reading a book and actually got to stamp cards at a class.  WOW - that was awesome for me ! Everything was cut out and I just got to sit and stamp instead of having to be the one to cut and play teacher :)

Stampin' Up! has brought so many wonderful friends in my life :)  I have been 'online friends' with Judy Lucas for 4 years.  We finally got to meet at this event as she lives in Elmer NJ.  That was a real treat for me.

Here is what Kristin wrote on her blog -

I had the pleasure of picking up our guest speaker, Maxine Conrad, from the airport! Max is a demonstrator. But, she also works for Stampin' Up! In fact, she works directly with the top demonstrators in the company (which includes Claire and I). She's able to bring an interesting perspective since she knows first-hand what it is to be a demonstrator while knowing what goes on behind the scenes within Stampin' Up! She's the first and only Stampin' Up! employee to earn the incentive trip. She's even been one of the Top 100 demonstrators in the US!

After picking up Max from the airport, we drove over to Claire's house in Philadelphia because two of our other guests were staying with Claire. Just shortly after we arrived, Karen Barber and Michelle Zindorf pulled up! Karen Barber is actually Claire's aunt! And Karen and Michelle have become very good friends through stamping. So, the five of us (along with Claire's sister/Karen's niece) headed off to yummy Thai dinner.

The next morning was the actual Spring Fling event. Max was a trooper! She got up at 6am with me to get ready and head over to the venue. But, she, of course, was still on Mountain Time and it really felt like 4am to her! The event started with an hour of swapping and demonstrations from four of our own demonstrators.

Max told some great stories, shared some fantastic tips, and inspired us all for the next 90 minutes. One demonstrator in attendance said she's not a note-taker, but took four pages of notes based upon the valuable information Max had to share!

The pictures at the top of the page were taken at a cute little restaurant close to Kristin's house.  I quickly added them to a page in MDS added a sentiment and a couple of embellishments.

Thanks again Claire and Kristin - I LOVED spending time with you :) It was great to spend time with Tina Rosenkrans, Karen Barber and Michelle Zindorf.

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Have a wonderful day!

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