Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend with Laurie Krauss in Manchester, Michigan

Hello Friends,

I have just had one of the most wonderful weekends.  I was invited to speak at a downline event in Manchester, Michigan by one of my most special friends, Laurie Krauss.  There wasn't one glitch with anything - EVERYTHING went smoothly.  My life is not 'smooth sailing' so this weekend has made me so happy.
This is a picture of Laurie, her adorable grand daughter, Sophie and myself.  I must tell you about Sophie !  I instantly loved this little girl.  There are some kids that are ok, some not so ok, some great and some absolutely awesome.  This little gal was the absolutely awesome type and just warmed my heart and I am so happy to have finally met her. She is so cute and had wonderful manners and was THE highlight of my day!  I hope it is the first time of many that I get to see her.

When I walked into Laurie's 'stamp room' - I instantly broke the 10th commandment - "Thou shalt not covet" :) It is amazing.
What a fabulous view.  I was completely amazed at the space.  Just look at all this card stock and the way it is displayed.
 After staring in amazement for a L-O-N-G time, Laurie showed me my room.  I got to sleep in the 'cupcake' room.  I stayed in Sophie's room (her bedroom at Grandma's.)
Look what was waiting for me !

Laurie had made this most beautiful 'framed art' for me along with this cute necklace.  I couldn't thank her enough.  I was just so excited about this.....and still am.

Along with my gifts were two baskets.  One was full of toiletries - Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste, deodorant.  Laurie told me all I needed to bring was my toothbrush AND guess what I forgot? :) She hooked me up - PHEW!  The other basket was full of goodies -OH MY GOSH there was even a packet of Jaffa Cakes in there.  I could barely contain myself. :)

I joined Laurie and her customer friends for a wonderful evening of stamping!  It was so nice to be the stamper and not the Demonstrator.  It was so relaxing, sitting stamping and mingling with wonderful people.

Look what Laurie woke me up to the next morning (IT was early but worth it!)

When Laurie told me she and her customers are 'Stampin' in Deerland' - she was not kidding!  So beautiful.
We went out to breakfast.  It was great.  I haven't seen so much meat stacked on my plate for breakfast - 4 sausages and 4 bacon rashers.  I am not kidding you - this was THE BEST bacon I have ever tasted in the United States of America.  I loved it.  Laurie made Jackie and I laugh when she was describing how she wanted her scrambled eggs cooked......she was very specific :)

We had a fabulous day with Laurie's downline, upline, sideline and other demonstrators she had invited.  Dawn Griffith and her daughter Jess came from Pontiac (MI) and we had a fabulous day.  I spoke to these fabulous demonstrators and shared many ideas, tips and suggestions and of course my love for Stampin' Up! 
After the event, Laurie, Jackie and I got to stamp while Dave (Laurie's husband) cooked us a wonderful dinner.  Chicken, Potatotes, Brocolli and gravy!  It was delicious. 

I had a truly amazing weekend and am so happy Laurie invited me.  I came home to a very clean house.  My husband, Lance had done all the laundry, cleaned the house which included scrubbed toilets, bathrooms floors - in fact he had cleaned all the floors in the house. (Tiled and Hardwood) He even had a roast in the oven.  WOW was I ever impressed.  To top all this off, he actually worked at the VA this weekend too!!! - Lance is #1 in my book :)

Have a wonderful day!


Tiffany Bauer said...

Looks like a wonderful time you had!!! AND I love Laurie's stamping space!!

Hi, I'm Lee Conrey! said...

You lucky girls!!! I'll bet you two had a blast. Laurie is the BESTEST!!! She and I became friends in 2006 at founders. I'm so glad you got to visit with her.

Mary Fish said...

I, too, covet Laurie's space. Wow! So does Lance speak to groups? I'm thinking about the whole clean house thing . . . might need to sign my hubby up :) Hugs, M

Maxine Conrad said...

Tiffany - we had a great time -

Lee - VERY lucky :) Laurie IS the bestest. So generous and fun :)

OH Mary - that made me chuckle ! Great idea :)