Friday, April 9, 2010

A Birthday card from Shelli

Hello Friends,

I was thrilled to receive a handmade card from Shelli Gardner today.  She  makes a birthday card for EVERY employee at Stampin' Up! I was chatting with a co-worker today and I mentioned how special we are made to feel at work on our birthdays.  You only have to take a look at Shelli's blog
to see just how busy she is. 
This card is a 'pocket' card and here is the insert

Shelli's handwriting is as beautiful as she is :) What an honor to receive a card each year. "I'm grateful for you"  I have barely been told that by previous employers let alone had it in writing !  The fabulous thing is it is with meant with such sincerity :) The feeling is very mutual.  I am grateful for Shelli too.  Not only for providing me with a wonderful place to work but for allowing me through a wonderful company to make the most amazing friends.

Shelli enclosed a Target Gift Card on the back. 

I really love working for Stampin' Up! It is THE most fabulous place to work and it is a job I actually look forward to going to.

I started my new shift this week and now I have Fridays off.  I am so excited.  My plan today is to re-organize my stamp room and scrapbook.

If you are interested in becoming a Demonstrator, whether for your hobby needs or to build as a business, you are more than welcome to join my team.  Click here for more details.  My password when joining is stamptothemax

Happy Friday :)


Leonie said...

oh how special to get a card from Shelli but also a gift card! How blessed are you!! Hope you had a great day Max and know that this card is an extra special one ;)

Amber Meadows said...

how adorable is that?! Shelli is a sweetheart. Hope you had a great birthday Max!!

Mary Fish said...

wow, what a treasure! hugs, m