Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How about a challenge?

My Necklace, Charm and insert

Hello Friends,

What a fun filled day I had yesterday.  From beginning to end I had so much fun.  I had a lovely surprise.  My friend and fellow SAM, Natalie does a great job in taking care of us on our birthdays and she decorated my desk real good.  She brought in chips and salsa and cookies and 6 bottles of Sprite (My favorite drink at work).  Later in the day, my children came by with balloons and banners and flowers and candy.  What a lovely surprise :) NOW, I took awesome pictures of both these fun events on my birthday BUT I had something posted on my cubicle wall that is TOP SECRET and so I cannot post the pics.  My buddy, Kevin at work is an awesome photographer.......I will see if he can work his magic and then maybe I can post them.

Another highlight of my day was when one of my Stamp to the MAX team members, Cassie came into Stampin' Up! for a Focus Group.  She brought with her a dozen of the most FABULOUS donuts.  I told her they looked like 'Stampin' Up! donuts. I feel so special.  Thanks Cassie for thinking of me on my special day :)

So my fellow stampers, let's use this picture as an 'Inspiration Challenge'.  Post this picture to your blog, along with your creation, then link back to this post.  A winner will be chosen and will be sent a 'gift.' You have until Wednesday April 8th to join the challenge.  Be sure to e-mail me (maxstamps@yahoo.com) or post a comment right here once you have posted your challenge.

Have a great day!

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