Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Hello Friends -

Here are my beautiful nieces under the great disguise of their costumes.  I miss them so much as they live in England.......LOVE them immensely.

This was taken last year -
Savannah, Sienna and Samantha

I thought you would like to see a few pics I took at work yesterday for our Halloween "Fun" Day.

Max and a DS Agent.  "I only asked her if she wanted to sign up to be a Demonstrator and take advantage of the BIG SHOT promotion"

The DS Agent who was out for blood :) and didn't like it when I mentioned "DIE"

"Go Tigers"  Rett, one of our Business Development Advisors and the Zombie. 

This DS Agent really is one of THE best!!

ReNee, another of our Business Development Advisors giving me the Royal Wave :)

I could use a new set of eyes :)

"Shiver me Timbers" - another awesome DS Agent

"What do you mean you want to use some PTO - you should never want to be away from this place" says "THE THING"

"You may just hear some French when you talk to this DS Nerd"
Comment puis-je vous aider?

"And you may just make this DS Agent see RED"

And the Winners of the Stampin' Up! Halloween Costume for 2011

Drum Roll please.............

What a great bunch to work with -
and here's a look at years past

Oooohhh just look at those shoes!!!

Snow White (my daughter Olivia) joined the Dwarfs for some "Trick or Treatin"

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Have a wonderful day!

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