Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look what I just bought!

Hello Friends,
Look what I just bought!  My friend Mary Fish sent me an Amazon gift certificate.  Seriously is there a better gift? Apart from Stampin' Up! goodies of course.. :)

I am wanting to make the most of the fabric that Stampin' Up! sells and so I used the gift certificate for a beginner sewing machine.  I am almost too intimidated to take it out of the box.....:)  I see so many cute things made with our fabric and I so want to make them. 

If any of my 'close by' customers/friends would like to give me a couple of lessons LIKE HOW YOU EVEN BEGIN to use this (smiles), I sure would appreciate it.

Thank you Mary for being so kind.  I appreciate you :)

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Have a wonderful day :)


Pat Smith said...

Ooh, Max!! A new toy! I wish I lived close enough to help you learn (although I'm sure there's a fabric shop or crafting place with a teacher that would love to have you as a student!) -- Looks like you may be showing us some new, cute FABRIC projects...Welcome to another obsession!

Elizabeth said...

Oooh! How fun! My daughter got a Shark sewing machine a few Christmases ago, and I couldn't even figure out how to get it threaded! I read the directions, too! Maybe it's time to try again. LOL

Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations!

Cerise Welter said...

Maxine. Go for it. I have a really expensive sewing machine that I won't sew on paper with. All my girlfriends say, "go ahead", but I refuse. I have a tiny one (not nearly as nice as yours) and I love using it. I love the sewn look, especially with the new papers.

The Mimi said...

Will give sewing lessons for SU product . . . :-)
Natalie's Mom