Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010 - Stampin' Up!

Hello Friends,

When you walk in the front doors of the Stampin' Up! Building in Riverton, this is what you see :)

My co-worker Becky.  I just have to tell you that she is one person with a lot of team spirit.  I asked her if she had a closet full of 'dress up' stuff - she really has an outfit and accessories for everything. 

If you are a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, you will recognize ALL these faces.  These gals (and guy) happen to be some of my very favorite people to work with.
Back Row from left to right: Shannon (surprised she does not have a diet coke in her hand :), Carrie (sure she will be scrapbooking these pictures as I type this :), Brian, Amanda and Ellen
Front Row : Holly and Donna

WOWZERS!!! This really was a highlight of the day for me!  I was in awe at how awesome this really was.  There were cookies and treats galore.  Anyone who has black licorice for me will win my heart :)  This picture really does not do this justice. 

Here is Selma - She is just the most sweetest, wonderful person.  She has so much energy and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She had a way cool treat at her desk - candies with scoops.  If you have been to Founder's Circle you will know what I am talking about ;)

Here is Ellen with 'the real' Snow White.  When I first met Ellen I thought to myself "wow - I really want to be her friend".  That thought became reality.  She is an absolute gem! We found out we both have something in common.  Both our Fathers passed away - Both of us loved/love them immensely :)

Look who took 1st place for 'Individual' Costume!  Rightfully so!  Awesome idea :)

And finally, another bunch of awesome people I work with.  Loved their costumes and their decor.......they took 2nd place for Decor.

Message to my fellow Demonstrators "Be(e) in Compliance" :)

Come back tomorrow to see who took first place in costume. You will NOT want to miss it. 

Have a wonderful day!

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Selene Kempton said...

Too cute!!! Thanks for sharing!