Friday, May 14, 2010

Stampin' Up! Cruise 2010 - St John's, Antigua

Hello Friends,

Here we are!  My favorite day of the week :) The ocean at St. John's was the BEST I have ever seen, EVER.  It was pure blue. It was clear.  I was so excited to see someone renting Jet-Ski's and I headed right there.  The guy renting them told me to leave my husband and kids and stay with him on the Island.  He would take really good care of me he said.  I joked with Lance when I got back and told him he had to be the best husband ever, as I had options :)

Here are the pics - Enjoy !

Views on the way to the beach

This is THE life - ready for fun! - Just look at the color of the ocean :)

Such FUN!!! - Kristyne B and I racing around. Such gorgeous beach and water :)

Mom laid out whilst I was in the ocean.  Unfortunately, she is petrified of water.
Time to leave - I literally had to be dragged back to the bus. I really did not want to leave. I have no idea who this guy is by the way......I was just taking a picture of the most beautiful ocean I had ever seen!
It was the first time I didn't want to get back on the ship.  Our ship was the one on the left.
This whole day reminded me of 'Paradise'.  The island, St. John's.  How appropriate that my Dad's name was John and Paradise is exactly where he is now.  I feel close to him every day, but when I am by/in the ocean, I feel even closer to him as he absolutely loved it.  I kept wishing he was with us.  He would have so loved it.  I love and miss him so very much.
Truly, if it wasn't for Stampin' Up!, I would never have ever seen such a gorgeous beach and ocean.

Next port of call: St Maarten's

Have a wonderful day!


Terry Molineux said...

Max thanks so much for sharing your experience on this exciting trip. I wasn't there of course but like I was through your eyes. It is simply amazing what SU does for you girls. I wish I could be on that receiving end!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Hi Max, Had to pop over to see your fabulous pictures. I am dying to go back to the Caribbean. It is SO beautiful there! St. Thomas was our favorite island, but I had wished we had a stop in St. Maartins as that looked even more beautiful in the pictures. And it would be so much fun to go with a great group of friends. Looks like your Mom had fun too. When I can't sleep I imagine I'm in my cozy cabin with the balcony open and the sound and motion of the sea soothing me off to sleep. So relaxing!

Mary Fish said...

Love the picture of you on the "sea chopper." Hugs, M