Monday, May 10, 2010

Stampin' Up! Cruise 2010 - Samples from Share Night

Hello Friends,

Here are some samples from our SHARE NIGHT on the Cruise.  ENJOY!!!  (More to come !)

Pictures of my friends
My dear friends Amy and Jill (Co-workers)

Myself and Pam Morgan.  "Isn't this great Pam?" (My famous saying!)

Max, April and Christie (Two of my very FAVORITE friends)

I tried to get as many of my SAMees together as I could.
Cathy Sonntag, Angie Brailsford, Sherry Weldy, Christie Daugherty, Cindy Petersen, Susan Adams, April Roycroft, Debbie Moczek, Beth Ann Wilson, France Martin, Tami White, Martha Armstrong, Debbie Naylor, Naoko Page, Becky Morris.
Love them all :)

Have a wonderful day!


Tami White said... the group pic! We LOVE you too babe!!! You're the BEST!!! Can you email me a copy of that?

PhotoDivaJ said...

What great photos, and projects Max! You are a hoot! Love ya.