Thursday, February 25, 2010

Laurie's Stampin' Studio

Hello Friends,

I love organization.  I organize my stamp room over and over as I love to have everything organized and change is good, right?  I bought some fabulous storage supplies from IKEA and like to have everything sorted as if my room IS the store.  Pretty glass jars and everything neatly stacked in a row. 

One of my very best friends Laurie (She will be sooooooooo upset I didn't say MY BEST FRIEND LAURIE) sent some pictures of her new stamp studio.  I am sure somewhere I have read I am not supposed to 'covet'.  Take a look at these pictures.......She is one very spoiled DIVA :)

Fabulous set up for classes

Look at this for organization and don't forget to keep your feet warm whilst you are organizing :)

I am not sure Laurie has enough card stock ;)

Here are the cute jars I was talking about.  LOVE them :)

Thanks for sharing pictures with us Laurie.  I want to come play !!


Joyce said...

What an amazing studio!!!

Laura W said...

Wow! Excuse me, I have to go organize my stamp room now ... and expand it by 100,000 square feet. :)

Elizabeth said...

oh. My. Word. I am speechless! I want to come play, too!