Monday, February 15, 2010

Flowers from my husband, Gift from a friend !!

Hello Friends,

Oh! Oh! Oh!  I am so excited........As you probably know Lance and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday!  He ordered a beautiful flower arrangement and had it delivered to our home.  There is something about having someone knock on the door to deliver the flowers.  Much better than being handed a bunch of flowers that were purchased at Wal-Mart ! However, I would be grateful for that :)

Just love the variety in color :)

I was so lucky to receive this most beautiful project from one of my fantabulous friends, Kimberly Van Diepen of Colorado.  You know the energizer bunny, well the bunny ain't got anything on Kimberly.  This girl has got more energy than both me and the energizer bunny put together.  (By the way the bunny has 90% and I have 10% :)

Well here ya go!  It is absolutely beautiful.

Just look at the detail in this project.  Perfectly tied ribbon. I will treasure this FOREVER.  Thank you my dear friend :)

Check back tomorrow and I will post pictures of the contents inside the box.....I told you my friend was like the energizer bunny......OF course there are things inside :)

Have a wonderful day !!!

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Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Congratulations, Max.. Wishing you and your hubby a very happy anniversary!