Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A gift from England

Hello Friends,

One of my friends of many years lives over in England and she is the kind of person I wish lived closer :)  Helen Taylor Brown is so talented in many ways.  She is 'Mum' to 4 children - 3 boys and 1 girl and puts most Moms to shame.....with her organization skills, parenting skills and creative skills.  One of these days she will get to Utah, I just know it.

This past Monday when I returned from my weekend in Arizona, I was sorting through the mail and came across a package.  Helen had let me know she was sending something, but I have made some purchases on Amazon just lately so I had a lot of packages to sift through.  The first one I opened, there was a package of Mini Jaffa Cakes in it - my favorite biscuits - cookies to my American friends :) It said "Tear and Share" on the top but unfortunately there wasn't going to be any sharing with these babies :) Along with the Jaffa Cakes was this adorable treat (shown above).  I have so much fabric laying around and along with ribbon and buttons and 2 sewing machines, I need to make something with it all. 

This is the other side -

This is the fabric (Twitterpated) in the Occasions Mini Catalog and Helen has motivated me to make something using fabric.....:)
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Have a wonderful day!

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