Thursday, May 17, 2012

Piece of Cake anyone?

Hello Friends,

One of my online Demonstrator friends, Kimberly Sudol, made this beautiful 'cake'.  Is this just the most beautiful cake you have ever seen? - Can you tell it is made out of card stock.

One thing I want to ask Kimberly is how long it took to make?  Obviously a lot longer than a real cake. She made it for the mother of one of her customers who celebrated her 90th birthday.  I am sure the birthday gal was in awe at this.

What an absolute work of art!

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Have a wonderful day!


Beth Fesperman said...

That cake is unbelievable!!! I would love to know how she made it?

Ryan & Carolina said...

it is absolutely stunning!!!!!!! a real piece of art, congratulations :) Carolina, Melbourne Australia.

Erin said...

Is there a tutorial somewhere for that cake???? It's so awesome! I love it!