Monday, May 7, 2012

My Digital Studio and my DAD

Hello Friends,

I am trying earnestly to catch up on a lot of 'scrapbooking'.  I am way behind and at this rate, I imagine myself being in my 80's before it gets done :) 
I am trying to at least get a memory book about my Dad put together.  
I have tried several times and then end up in floods of tears and 'leave it for another day'.  

This page shown today is part of a 'smaller' book I am working on.  I want to give one of these to all my Dad's grandchildren as a memory for them.  

hkr - Hull Kingston Rovers.  My Dad LOVED Rugby League and apart from God and his family, it was the thing he lived for. He is the 5th one across the top on the group picture.

Ten years after he signed up for Rovers when this picture was taken - I was born :) Forever thankful I was born to a such a wonderful Father :)

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Have a wonderful day! 

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