Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update and a card for all

Hello Friends,

We have received so many wonderful e-mails, phone calls, facebook messages and handmade cards - it truly has been wonderful.  Thanks so much for caring so much for us.  I really do wish I could send everyone of you a THANK YOU card.  As this is not possible for me to do - here is one for all of you.

Natalie is doing so much better.  It is so hard to believe she had such an horrific accident and not even one week later be at home with us.  We are truly a blessed family.  One of our friends told us we were really lucky.  I told her luck has nothing to do with it - God is in control and it truly is a blessing.  I took her to the hospital so they could clean, redress and wrap her feet.  Such a brave and courageous girl.

THANK YOU so much for your kindness and compassion.  We love you all and appreciate you.

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Have a wonderful day!


Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Very sweet Max!! When I first saw the photo I thought you had made a vase! Hugs!

Stamp with Frenchie said...

Love this card it call me for CASE!
Y'All take care

Terry Molineux said...

Max I am so glad your daughter is home. What a relief. I hope she is back to herself real soon.