Monday, November 16, 2009

An afternoon of fun !

Hello Friends,

I don't normally post anything on my blog that is not promotion details or creations but as I work at Stampin' Up! my life is pretty well......full of Stampin' Up! I work as a Service Account Manager (SAM). I have been a Demonstrator for 5 1/2 years and an employee for 2 years.

One of the other SAM's, who happens to be one of my favorite friends at work is going through a divorce just now, so we planned an afternoon of fun in her honor.  Natalie and I became good friends at work through 'post it notes'.  Can you believe that?  Natalie worked the early shift and I worked the late shift so we never worked together.  We would leave post it notes on each others computer screens with fun things such as "Have a great day my friend" or "How are you doing today?" Fortunately as our shifts changed a little, we get to work together for 30 minutes every day.  Not much, but better than not at all :)

Every year, Stampin' Up! holds a Leadership Conference and in January, Natalie and I will travel to Phoenix together and spend a fabulous time with our Demonstrators for a week.  We are both really looking forward to it.

Anyways back to our awesome Saturday afternoon..........It was snowing and actually looked beautiful outside.  It was definitely a day to go to lunch and a movie.  Saturdays are precious to me with working all week.....I like to spend the day with my kiddos and clean the house....(Oh I DON'T like that part). I told myself if I cleaned the house I could go to the movie. Oh boy did I scrub and clean in the morning as I did not want to miss out on the movie.

Sharie, Natalie & Beth

We met at Red Robin for lunch and the food was yummy.  I chose soup and salad and made a point of everyone listening to me as I ordered Chicken Tortilla soup - NO CHEESE AND NO SOUR CREAM :) That caused some laughter amongst my friends as they all know I don't like cheese!!! I can eat cheese if it is in a sandwich BUT it can't be a hot sandwich as the problem is melted cheese. (For the record, I eat baked potatoes with salt! No butter, no sour cream and NO pizza for me ::)

Jennelee, Max & Hayley

Not only am I a SAM, I have a SAM! I earned the incentive trip to Hawaii and am looking forward to going to the Southern Caribbean in April.  Beth is my SAM and she has proven to not only be a wonderful SAM but also a wonderful friend.  (She took me to lunch when my Dad passed away and that will be something that will never be forgotten:) We work the late shift together and enjoy each others company.

Terri and half of Sharie

So glad Terri was able to join us.  She is awesome.  It was fun spending time with Terri away from our desks! I admire Terri so much.  She is a hard worker and a great Mom.  She was telling us how she needed to go home and make her daughter a dress for an event.  She had to make a MINNIE MOUSE dress.  Now isn't that a fabulous Mom?  I would be racing around trying to find one for hire.  Not just for my sake, but for the sake of my daughter :)

It was great to see Jennelee. She was a SAM when I worked as a Call Center Agent and didn't get to know her as well as I would have liked to. Who knows if we plan on these fun afternoons often, I will get to know her better.  She left Stampin' Up! as she decided to stay home with her kiddos and is now a SAHM. (Stay at home Mom).  

It was fun to hang out with Sharie too.  We have been Facebook friends for a while. I met her briefly at Beth's wedding reception but this was fun to actually chat and get to know her a little.  Sharie used to be a SAM and left Stampin' Up! when she was expecting her son, Alex.

Another of my fabulous friends, Hayley from the EDS Team joined us too.  Hayley is awesome but when I saw what she ordered for lunch (Alfredo)...oh that cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese LOL!

After lunch, we went over to the movie theater to watch "Couples Retreat" and caused more laughter as I was going to share popcorn with Sharie and Natalie, UNTIL............. I realized they would not only be having butter on their popcorn but EXTRA at that :) So I ordered some delicious caramel popcorn.

Max, Beth, Natalie (and her BUTTERED popcorn), Sharie & Jennelee

It was a fabulous afternoon and I can't wait to do this again - only hoping Natalie does not have to go through her rough time too much longer :)

Have a wonderful day!


Nat said...

Aww! Such good times. Thanks for all your support Max! Counting down to Phoenix...

bbray said...

I want to thank all of you for the tremendous support you've given Natalie during this rough time. Your kindness has meant a lot to her -- and to us (her parents). She so needed a fun afternoon. She doesn't get much "me" time these day. Thanks for cheering her up! We will get her through this!

Beth and Jeremy Hatt said...

Great pictures, Max! Thanks for posting...Saturday was so much fun!! We love you Nat.

Elizabeth said...

Max- It looks like you all had a blast! You are such a good friend! (Even to those of us far, far away!) I'm so glad you were able to get Natalie away from her problems for a while.