Friday, June 11, 2010

Technique - Stampin' Pastels

Hello Friends,

I was chatting yesterday with a good friend of mine about Stampin' Pastels.  They are often overlooked in the Stampin' world.  I believe mainly because people don't use them or don't know *how* to use them.
Here are some simple techniques

Technique A: Chalking

1] Apply pastel color to your card stock or paper with a sponge-tip applicator, cotton swab, sponge dauber, or stiff paintbrush.

2] Blend the colors as desired with the applicators or blender pen. When using blender pens, just touch the pen directly to the corner of the chalk to pick up the color.

Technique B: Poppin' Pastels

1] Stamp the image with a white Craft Stampin' Pad or VersaMark® ink pad.

2] Use sponge daubers to apply the pastel color directly to the ink.

3] Blow off any excess powder. (Repeat this process if you are using this technique with a Two-Step Stampin' set.)

QUICK TIP: To avoid smearing, gently dab the chalk rather than rubbing it across the image.

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Have a wonderful day!


Laura W said...

This one is always fun -- and hey, that picture is my hand. :) Ha ha, I miss the "hand modeling" days at Stampin' Up. ;) (it was a lot easier before kids.)


Maxine Conrad said...

Laura - I did not know this! You are so famous xx