Monday, January 25, 2010

Purses and Shoes and Flowers! OH MY !

Happy Monday Friends!

For those of you are a friend of mine on Facebook or in 'real life', you will know my love for shoes and purses.  I had posted on Facebook how I wished I had learned to sew, as the big craze with Stampin' Up! Demonstrators and customers just now is making ANYTHING you can think of with the Big Shot and Dies.  A sewing machine is a plus.

Here are some pictures of what my dear friends have been making:

This cute purse and matching flower was made by a wonderful friend of mine, France Martin of Wyoming. As soon as I saw this on France's blog I just had to tell her how much I loved it.

Here is a close up of the flower.

This purse was made by Lisa Lange from Illinois.  She gave it to Patty Bennett at Leadership. Patty used it for her swaps.  What a great gift !!

Our Stampin' Up! Leadership Conference last year was in Orlando, Florida. A friend couldn't wait to take me into the BRIGHTON store. I had never been in the store before (and only afterwards found out we have one in SLC) and was eager to see what they had to offer. As soon as I walked in, there was a beautiful red leather purse looking right at me: "You know you want me!" It had my name all over it and I kinda gulped when I saw the price tag but I just knew I had to have it. I was told at the Cash Register that every year, I could take it into any Brighton store (this is when I found out we had one here in SLC) and have it cleaned and vacuumed! The purse is beautiful and the material inside the purse is fabulous with lots of organized pockets. This is where I met "Patty". I believe she loves purses as much as me.

Another of my fabulous friends, Christie Daugherty from Texas actually holds classes for her customers to make these kinda things. Here they are making the 'lovely' flowers.

Alas, Maxine Conrad cannot make anything that involves sewing. My Mom actually bought me a sewing machine and I looked at it like it was a Boeing 737!  How on earth could I use that? I didn't even use it. 
This is a little out of my league....but hey I am going to learn.  You bet I am!  I am going to have a purse in every color material with flowers to match. 

(Believe it or not, the only time I have ever been in a fabric store was in Cedar City.  We were having a Stampin' Retreat and Susan Adams, Cindy Petersen, Angi Holt , her friend and I, took a little trip to the fabric store.  Susan was making us a cushion and we had to choose the material.  NOW I felt like a fish out of water. I was like a kid "Are we done yet?" "Can we go now?"......I didn't even know what to do in a store like that :) I saw some beautiful projects!  I just wanted to buy them, not make them.

Anyways here we go!  Here is the purse I bought this weekend.  Did I need it? Absolutely NOT!  Did I want it?  ABSOLUTELY!!! 

Here are the shoes!

Check out the cute flowers
Here they are together!

I displayed it so nicely for my husband....right on the shelf in our family room

I actually took our family picture off the stand, put the purse there and waited for ..............................

My purse cost wayyyyyyyyyyy more than the cute fabric ones.  I WILL make one and post it. I know I will get addicted to them and will have to have one in every color and size and pattern!  Oh how about the shoes to match?

Have a wonderful day!


Lisa Lin said...

Max, I love your new purse and shoes. Very glam!!! I also have a love of shoes and bags, and I am turning my daughter into a bag-lady too. That's what my husband calls me. Anyway, your post had me cracking up. I too own a sewing machine that I wanted so badly several years ago. Its new in the box and not getting much love.

I did buy fabric and buttons today to use w/ my Big Shot though!!!
Thanks for the laughs!!!

inkyfingrz said...

Too Funny Max! I'm a tote back junkie myself :) and not much of a sewer - but I made my Mom help me out with doing these bags!! If you need a little more inspiration take a look at what she helped me create:

Terry Molineux said...

Max OMGosh....the pocketbooks is to die for....and the matching shoes....go girl you deserve it. You work two jobs right??? Enjoy!

I cannot sew for the life of me...last night I had to take up two pairs of pants that I bought because I got them on sale and refused to pay the $20 each to get the hem taken up....I measure and measured cut and measure....and took 3 1/2 hours to sew hems on two pairs of pants.....dang and I have a sewing machine that has mold on it because I never use it....(really there is mold but I was trying to make a statement LOL)

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Oooh.. Max, who ever has enough bags or shoes? Love your purchase as well as your handcrafted bag!! I love the scallop square punch.. What a great gift for quilters, what an easy way to make charity quilts... and what a fabulous and quick way to make a new purse/bag in an hour!!! I love the black and white.. Now who doesn't want a big shot machine??? WOW! Hugs!!

Karen said...

You're going to wear your shoes and bag on the 2nd, right? I think they'd be totally appropriate for your downline meeting. Besides we'll all oh and aw over them. It's not like Lance really appreciates that kind of stuff.

Elizabeth said...

OMGosh! You are too funny! I have such great memories of Orlando with you! That red bag was so you! So is the new black one! ;) Watch out or Lance will wrap it up and give it to you for Christmas! LOL

Big hugs!

Maxine Conrad said...

Thank you for your comments Ladies. I can barely wait for Winter to be over so I can wear my heels :)

Stamp with Frenchie said...

This is way cool bag and shose...I bet we'll see them on the CRUISE :) and thank for the advertising :)
Your the best