Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh my stars - EXCITING news!

Hello Friends,

I have some very exciting news to share with you today. Here it is :

Celebrating Maxine

August 13, 2009

"We don't often talk about the accomplishments of Stampin' Up! employees who are also demonstrators, but this case is special. Max (Maxine) Conrad is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator who also works as a service account manager in Demonstrator Support. Although employees are not eligible to win the Founder's Circle or Demonstrator of the Year awards, Max's achievements would have placed her in the top 100 Demonstrators of the Year! We are excited about her accomplishment and congratulate her for this success!" (Pictured above is the Stampin' Up! building where I work as a Service Account Manager (SAM).

This is so wonderful. I am so happy Stampin' Up! (whoever it was:) decided to post this as a current update. I am so thrilled that my downline, Edie Bunting is a RISING STAR. I have so many friends in the 'Stampin' Up! world (Is there another one?) Whilst I won't be at Founders Circle in person, I will be there in spirit.

Are you a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and a member of SCS? Check out all these fabulous well wishes by clicking here.

Would you like to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator? Contact me for more information. $85 to start up your business :)

Enjoy your day


Selene Kempton said...

Amazing accomplishment. I still think they should let you go. You deserve it! Thanks so much for your inspiration! You're a rock star!

Brenda said...

Congratulations, Max! That's awesome!

Inking Idaho said...

Way to go girl! Congratulations!!!

Linda Lou said...

So glad that you got recognized, Max! Way to go!!!!

Patty Bennett said...

You ROCK Max!! It's been delightful getting to know you this year!!!! Hugs! Patty

Mary Fish said...

Every time I see your gorgeous blog I'm wow'd . . . regarding your announcement . . . One can never "celebrate" Maxine enough. I'm so grateful.

Congrats. Mary

PhotoDivaJ said...

Max, I'm so happy for you. You deserve that recognizatino as you are an amazing woman {and stamper}. xoxox Jeannette