Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A fabulous gift from a fabulous friend!

Hello Friends,

Most of you know that not only am I a Demonstrator for Stampin' Up!, I work at the home office too as a Service Account Manager (SAM). This is an awesome job and the best thing for me is the friendships which are formed from this job.

One of the very most talented and creative demonstrators I know is Kimberly Van Diepen of Colorado Springs, CO who just so happens to be one of my SAMee's. Through this relationship, we have become very good friends. Kimberly was appointed to the 'highest' of all honors within the Stampin' Up! world and that is to serve on the Advisory Board. What an accomplishment.

Kimberly very kindly made me the cutest gift and gave it to me personally at our annual convention. The cover is shown above and here are the inside pages. It is absolutely adorably stunning!

I could barely wait to see Kimberly at convention this year. I met her, along with a bunch of other great friends and we went to Red Rock for dinner. They were all stunned by my shoes. Don't ask how many pairs I have? :)

To see how Kimberly made the cute cute project, visit her blog by clicking HERE!
Have a fabulous day!


PhotoDivaJ said...

This project is beautiful! I'm off to see her blog!

Mary Fish said...

Wow, what an amazing project and gift! And those purple shoes . . . fab! Hugs, M