Thursday, May 8, 2008

Introducing Edie B!

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited to introduce you to Edie B today. Edie is my 'newest' team member although it has felt she has been a part of it for such a long time.
Edie lives in Erie, PA with her hubby Jim and her dog , Roscoe.

What a talented stamper she is! It was because of Edie that I fell in love with the stamp set "Live your Dreams."

This is the amazing thing about seeing other people's creations. You often see a set you don't particularly like or think you would never buy, but then you see others creations and that is it, you simply HAVE to have it!

Check out Edie's Blog at for more fabulous creations.

Be sure to sign up for my upcoming class (June 3rd) where we will make a cute project using the set. (See Wednesday May 8th's post) If you can't make the class, no worries you can order a kit to go! Bring a friend to the class or have her order a kit to go and you will receive a Gift Certificate.

1 comment:

EdieB said...

Max! I am so honoured to be a part of your new blog, which is gorgeous. Thank you so much. *big hugs* EdieB